Half the Moon, 2008, 31x17x9

Håkan Blomqvist



Kiln cast sculptures made in sandmoulds

2003 Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, USA

I do all my work together with Karin Westman, we live and work in the west of Sweden close to the Norwegian border.


The last 10 years they have been working exclusivly with glass, which brought them out on several high-profile exhibitions in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

In Europe they are represented in many leading galleries.

The inspiration that can be seen in the kiln cast glass sculptures come from a life-long internal and external travel.

From Bali's lush cultivated terraces to the mountains of Spitzbergen harsh polar climate, from the ancient Maya temples to Japan's high-tech speed.

Solo Exhibitions: in selection

2000  Gallery Sjöhästen, Nyköping, Sweden

2001  Formargruppen, Malmö, Sweden

2002-2004  Residence of the Swedish UN Ambassador, New York, USA

2003  Gallery Cactus Glass, Hamburg, Germany

2004  Swedish American Museum, Chicago, USA

2005  Glass Art Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria

2005  Lidingö Art Hall, Stockholm, Sweden

2005  Gallery Bergman, Stockholm, Sweden

2006  Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, USA

2007  Arvika Art Hall, Sweden

2008  Hudiksvalls Art Hall, Sweden

2008  Gallery Unikt Glas, Gothenburg, Sweden

2009  Embassy of Sweden, Tokyo, Japan

2009  Numazu Street Gallery, Numazu, Japan

2009  Volvo show room, Tokyo, Japan

2009  Åmål Art Hall, Sweden

2009  Hallsbergs Art Hall, Sweden

2010  Karlskoga Art Hall, Sweden

2010  Sölvesborgs Art Hall, Sweden


See our sculptures at www.youtube.com, seak blomqvist-westman


Group exhibitions: in selection

1997  Värmlands Museum, Karlstad, Sweden

2000  Gallery Ikaros, Gothenburg, Sweden

2002  Rackstad Museum, Arvika, Sweden

2004  Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2005  KunstRai, amsterdam, The Netherlands

2006  ArtONivo, Bruges, Belgium

2006  Pilchuck Auction, Seattle, USA

2006 Glass Art Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria

2007  Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden

2007  Nadania Idriss New Art Glass, Berlin, Germany

2007  Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008  Swedish Glassmuseum, Växjö, Sweden


Photo; Sture Ekendahl, Uppsala, Sweden


Represented at:

Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Glaskunst Glass Art Galerie Innsbrûck, Austria

Nadania Idriss New Glass Art & Photography, Berlin, Germany

Gallery Unikt Glas, Gothenburg, Sweden





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